Gluten-free foods do not contain wheat, spelt, barley, rye, oats or any gluten-containing ingredients, and are certified as such. Recently some oat products have been certified "gluten-free" and are now allowable. Some other foods, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy, and soy are naturally gluten-free (never contain gluten) unless they are prepared with gluten foods. Some items have minute amounts of gluten only because they were prepared in factories where gluten-containing foods were also prepared.

Most substitutes for these items are made from ingredients such as potato, millet, rice, almond, garbanzo and other non-gluten foods. 

We carry hundreds of Gluten-Free items and are adding new products all the time. We have a very large (and growing) number of gluten-free customers and are giving and receiving information and feedback on a daily basis.

If you are looking for help on this subject, please speak to a staff member who can take you on a "gluten-free tour" of the store, including fresh and frozen foods, mixes, pastas, cookies, cakes, cereals, candy, books and even body-care and supplements, all gluten-free!

Here are some of the companies we carry right now that specialize in gluten-free products:

Glutino     Glutano     Enjoy Life
      Nana's     Barkat   Foods By George

Amy's       Midel       Kinnikinnick     
Food For Life         Envirokidz

"COUNTRY LIFE / BIOCHEM" is the first natural supplement company to be 
CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE, which includes the more than 250 products in this line.

If you are looking for any particular gluten-free items or information, please contact us.

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